German language

Our courses are lively, communicative and varied.

Language club for children aged up to 11 years of age

  • Particular topics are taught in creative and experience-like style
  • Fully qualified lecturers for teaching young learners
  • 4-10 student groups according to their age and language level

Language course for teenagers up to 19 years of age

  • 4-10 student groups according to their age and language level
  • We use course books as well as our own supportive materials/resources
  • Lessons are fully interactive and engaging, aimed to be conversational and of the practical use of the foreign language and its basic grammar

Individual courses and extra/catch-up classes

  • Minimally 10 lessons
  • For 1-3 students from 12
  • Lesson duration by agreement - usually 60-90 minutes

Our team is there for you to support you.

Anna, our teacher, Deutsch Academie in Berlin

As for individual lessons,

you can begin any time. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will prepare the suitable study programme and adjust it so that it is the most interesting for you. We use several kinds of course books for the lessons depending on each student´s language abilities and aims. Furthermore, we use the most relevant materials from the news, magazines, movies, important cultural/sport events, etc.

Undoubtedly, there are many positive sides to the individual lessons,
especially for the introverted students:
- the usual stress experienced in the groups is removed
- more space for individual practice in the language
- other students do not disrupt you or limit your opportunities in terms
of spoken performance
- all of the lesson time a is 100% dedicated to you so as to support
your needs, to limit mistakes and errors, and to improve your overall
performance in each of the language skills
- this course is also recommended for those who have special/extra
requirements for either their lesson or particular part of the language
training, such as preparation towards language/Cambridge/Maturita exams/study/work abroad, travelling, common conversation and preparation for High school admissions/University entry exams...